Get a Shiatsu Massage: What should you know?

massage-shiatsuWhat is shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu is a type of massage therapy that originated from Japan. The word “shiatsu” is a translation of the word “finger pressure”. It has all the qualities of the traditional Japanese manual therapies and gradually with time it has incorporated all the modern western technologies in it as well. Shiatsu massage therapy has techniques like acupuncture and anma massage that are traditional forms of therapy from Japan. This therapy was developed in Japan in the early 1900s and ever since it has grown in popularity all over the world.

What is the theory behind this massage?

The theory behind this traditional massage form of Japan is about the energy and its effect on the human body. According to them the human body is made up of energy called Qi. This energy is responsible for the smooth functioning of all our body parts. The free flow of the energy through the meridians [pathway of the energy in human body] keeps the body in good health. For any reason if there is a blockage or obstacle in the meridian then the constant flow of the energy is restricted. This is the root cause of the physical pain that we go through. The shiatsu massage concentrates on the vital points on the meridian so that the path gets clear for the energy to stream freely throughout the body and relieve any pain.

What is the process of this massage?

Just as the name suggests shiatsu involves a lot of finger pressure. Apart from the fingers, thumbs, hands, knees, palms, elbow and even knee is used to apply pressure on the vital points of the meridian to release any blockage. When you go for a session of this massage the therapist identifies the current situation of your Qi and designs the entire therapy accordingly. This therapy involves different massage techniques like kneading, tapping, stretching, pressure and soothing to unblock the points. This massage is designed to reinstate the lost balance of energy in human body.

What are the benefits of this shiatsu massage?

Here are some of the benefits that you will get from this traditional form of massage.

  • Shiatsu will improve your blood circulation
  • With an improved blood circulation you will feel relief from regular body pain
  • This massage will provide relief from headache
  • Effective for any kind of sprain or other such injuries
  • Energizes people suffering from fatigue or weakness
  • People suffering from arthritis will also get a lot of relief from their pain and there will also be an overall improvement in their health
  • Reduces anxiety and depression by calming your senses
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Improves your overall health
  • Good for women who have irregular menstrual circle and menstrual pain
  • Effective for people with bowel problems
  • Releases stiff neck and shoulder pains
  • Makes your overall movements quicker and flexible
  • Effectively eliminates the pain of sinus and migraine

Apart from all these, Shiatsu massage therapy will also help you to fight insomnia so that you could sleep well at night and start the day on a fresh and energetic note.