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Find the perfect Masseur in Singapore

Happy man getting massage at spaThinking about getting a massage? Here are a few things to consider before getting the right person for the job. These factors will help you in finding a massage therapist with the exact skills and experience according to your requirement.

Identify the need for a massage

This should be the first step that you should take before booking an appointment with a masseur. You should identify the purpose of getting a massage; here are some of the reasons why you could be looking for it;

  • Stress management
  • Depression and anxiety management
  • To take care of stiffness, muscle pain, body ache or headache
  • Dealing with sports injuries
  • For relaxing
  • For getting a beautiful and healthy skin
  • For staying healthy and active
  • You have been prescribed by your doctor to get a body massage for medical conditions

These are the conditions that will help you to shortlist the message therapists that you need for the particular reason. Every requirement stated above will need a specialized masseur who knows the right strokes and massage techniques.

Think about your own preferences

Since you are the one who is going for a massage, your preferences are of utmost importance. You will not be able to get the desired results from the massage if you are not comfortable and satisfied with the way it is done. When it comes to preference these are some of the factors that you need to consider;

The gender of your massage therapist; whether you are comfortable with a man or woman giving you a massage. This is very important and needs a fair deal of consideration before you book a massage appointment.

Consider the location of getting a massage. If you are most comfortable ay your home, then you will have to look for a masseur who will visit your place, if you are comfortable with visiting a spa, club or health clinic then you should look for such service providers. Also look for the distance between the spa and your home so that traveling to that place is easier.

Search for the professionals

Find out professional massage therapists for the job, look for associations that are well reputed and have a good customer feedback. You could look for some names from friends, over the internet, health magazines, newspapers, yellow pages etc.

Make a checklist for your therapist

After you have located the right association to get a massage therapist from, here is a checklist that you need to consider before finalizing your masseur;

  • Gender of the therapist
  • Techniques of the massage
  • Experience of the masseur
  • Specialization in treating any particular type of body pain
  • Certification that the message therapist has

Apart from all the above mentioned factors you should also consider the cost, extra charges like additional charges, if your massage is insured, if any advance payment is required, what are the clothes that you will be wearing during the massage, if there is any cancellation policy etc. all these factors combined together will help you in finding a massage therapist of your choice.