Aromatherapy Massage – What Are the Things You Need?

There are hundreds of different styles and techniques of massage therapy. And, Aroma therapy is known to be the most soothing among them. Here, the masseur makes use of some oils known as essential oils. These are taken directly from plants and are known to be effective for numerous health issues. The most important among the health benefits of aromatherapy massage is relief from stress and an emotional boost. Every kind of oil features a unique health benefit. For instance, while eucalyptus makes you feel fresh and alert, the oils like lavender makes you fall asleep. But, to be able to get the most from an aromatherapy massage session, you should be well prepared to receive the treatment. Following are the things you need so that you are able to enjoy the health benefits this treatment offers.

Things you should do before the session

Take care to ensure that you do the following before going for an aromatherapy massage session.

  1. Refrain from a hefty meal. You should also avoid consuming alcohol or any drink containing caffeine.
  2. Make sure that you arrive a few minutes earlier for the session. Doing this would help you get settled before the treatment. Trying to rush to be on time may create trouble both for yourself and for the therapist. You may need more time to feel settled for the session.
  3. You are always advised to enjoy a warm bath before having the massage. Warm water loosens the muscles increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.
  4. Take care to give your body enough time to relax after an aromatherapy massage session.
  5. Know that aromatherapy is a form of treatment where the masseur may need to be personal with the patient. Take all measures to ensure that you are able to feel at home with the therapist. You should also share all your concerns with the masseur. If anything goes wrong, you can conclude the session at your own discretion. However, the best option is to sort out the trouble with your choice massage therapist.

Giving an aromatherapy session

Aromatherapy massage is the most sensuous experience a person can have. For this reason, this has become an all-time favorite of people who wish to give a massage to their partners at home. The massage can be done for any purpose, as a therapy or just to make the other person feel a bit pampered. Whatever is your purpose, you can try the following procedure to begin with.

1. Select the scent to be used
Know that every type of oil used for aromatherapy massage has its own purpose. It implies that the scent you select would determine the effect your partner experiences at the end of the session. Do not forget to ask your partner if he/she is allergic towards a particular smell.

2. Set the proper atmosphere in the room
When you decide to give an aromatherapy massage, you want your partner to feel relaxed and calm. Take every possible measure to ensure that the atmosphere of the room is relaxing. You can make use of candlelight instead of the usual lighting arrangement in the room.

Do not forget to do your own homework learning the proper techniques used for the same. Truly, giving an aromatherapy massage at times would definitely make the relationship stronger and lasting.